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Bootstrap vs WordPress – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know!

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.net vs .com

.net vs .com – Which One Will Ever Rule The World?

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December 31 1969

December 31 1969 – All You Need To Know About 12/31/1969 In 30 Secs.

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HTML vs CSS – Key Things You Must Know About CSS vs HTML

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Pros and Cons of WordPress

Pros and Cons of WordPress – The Ultimate Guide To WordPress CMS

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Struts vs Spring – Which Is Better? Here’s All You Need to Know!

Spring and Struts are two of the most popular Java web frameworks. Java has no internal organization, so both Spring and Struts offer a

Django vs Node.JS – Here’s a 3 Minutes Detailed Comparison Analysis

It’s hard to compare Django and Node.JS because they’re fundamentally different programming languages. Django is a Python web framework while Node.JS is a library

Laravel vs Django: Detailed Pros & Cons, Security, Routing, and more

If you’ve done any research as a new developer, two names probably stand out within popular web development frameworks, Laravel vs Django. The former

CodeIgniter vs Laravel – The Difference Between Laravel and CodeIgniter

Developers looking for reliable PHP frameworks have a few choices now. In the past, syntax was clunky, but you’ve got a lot more options

CakePHP vs Laravel 2018: Key Things You Need To Know

PHP server-side scripting language is one of the most popular programming languages on the Internet. If all you think about them is poor syntax,

How to Change Site Title in WordPress (And Tagline) in 60 Seconds

WordPress installation comes with a standard site title and tagline. If you don’t want this standard title, there’s a way to change it. This

How to Copy, Move, and Delete Files in Linux – The Ultimate Guide

When working with Linux there will come a time when you will encounter the need to move, copy or delete files and/or directories. These

Fixing: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

So you’ve finally come across the dreaded “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.” error message.

Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel starting @ $1.95/month

Looking for an economy Linux Hosting with cPanel from a reliable web hosting provider? How does $37.38 flat fee for 1 full year sound?

The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress Websites and Blogs

The SEO process is so competitive nowadays with millions of websites competing for the first page appreance on search engine results. As such WordPress

JBoss vs Tomcat – What’s the Difference? Which Server is Right for You?

There seems to be some confusion between JBoss vs Tomcat servers. Some would argue that Tomcat is an application server. While some will counter

Best WordPress Security Plugin: Wordfence, Sucuri, VaultPress, etc ?

Security is critical to the modern day Internet website operator. Equally important is the case when it comes to securing and protecting WordPress sites.

Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugin for WP User Submitted Events

We recently got an inquiry from a customer looking for the best WordPress event calendar plugin that allows for WordPress user submitted events. Subsequently,

Laravel vs Symfony 2018: A Comparison of 2 Popular PHP Frameworks

In this piece, we’re doing to discuss Laravel vs Symfony – two prominent web application development frameworks available to PHP developers. In fact, numerous