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JDZ4 DDoS Status Update

Our entire network experienced an outage due to a massive Distributed Denial of Server (DDoS) attack at about 5:30pm ET on 01/11/2014. This particular incident was totally beyond us. It was a total network outage
January 16 2014 0

Notice: Network Outage

We’re currently experiencing network outage across all our servers due to a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack targeted at us by unknown culprits. Our system engineers are working hard to isolate the incident
January 12 2014 0

Notice: Server Hardware Upgrade @ 10PM – 1AM EDT on December 4th 2013

Dear Customers, We will be performing hardware RAM upgrades on the following servers: xjdz1, xwdz4, xwdz11, xwdz12 and xdbs2 between 10 PM to 12 Midnight December 4th 2013. Expected downtime per server is 15-30 minutes.
November 13 2013 0

Notice: Critical Server Maintenance on Windows Servers @ 1AM-4AM CDT on November 14th 2013

Dear Customers, We will be applying critical security update on all our Windows hosting servers. Expected downtime per server is 15-30 minutes. This update will fix several security vulnerabilities. If you have any questions, please
November 13 2013 0

JDZ2 Server Hardware Problem

Earlier today, we noticed that our JDZ2 server’s RAID array became degraded. We replaced the faulty drive in the RAID array and rebuilt the RAID array. Unfortunately, after the array rebuild, the root file system
October 16 2013 0

Cheap Web Hosting with cPanel & WHM Control Panel

cPanel/WHM (Web Host Manager) control panel hosting solution is by far the most advanced control panel software in the web hosting market to date – just in case you don’t already know. cPanel is a
August 13 2013 0

Tomcat Hosting & JSP Hosting Overview

We’re among the very few companies that support Tomcat hosting. Our Tomcat hosting servers are best suited for JSP hosting as well as other Java hosting needs like web hosting for Java frameworks such as
August 10 2013 0

Urgent Notice: LDZ3 Server Down

Dear Customers, About 30 min ago the LDZ3 server suddenly went down and is inaccessible. Our technicians are working hard to resolve this issue and get the server back up online. We’ll advise all affected
July 6 2013 0

Tomcat Web Server hosting for Java Servlet & JSP Applications

Tomcat web server is the best open source Java container that developed and is supported by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It’s a powerful Servlet and JSP container that supports the official Servlet/JSP implementation. If
June 5 2013 0

Tomcat Server Hosting for Java Servlet & JSP w/ Private JVM & MySQL

Looking for fast, secure and reliable Tomcat server hosting? Looking for a professional team of technocrats with years of experience in supporting Java web applications on Java server hosting environments? Tired of all those do-it-yourself
June 5 2013 0